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Radix to demonstrate key AI and IIoT benefits for the pulp and paper industry at TAPPICon 2024

Radix demonstrates the key benefits of AI and IIoT in the pulp and paper industry at TAPPICon 2024

Cleveland, OH, April 23, 2024: Radix, a global technology solutions company,announced its participation as a Sapphire sponsor at TAPPICon 2024, which is being held at Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, OH, from April 28 - May 1, 2024.  

Senior executives and experts from Radix will present multiple papers, which will support this year’s conference theme, "Unleashing the Harmonies of the Paper Industry”, by demonstrating the role that AI can play in the evolution of the industry. These presentations will include participation in the New Technology Showcase that highlights the success of employing Hybrid Intelligence that consists of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to accomplish tag mapping in the Pulp and Paper industry providing customers with data-driven transformation at scale.  

Radix will demonstrate how historical challenges, such as detecting and troubleshooting unplanned breakdown conditions during manufacturing, can be eased by using machine learning tools and techniques, which results in a much better data-driven understanding of the relationship between target output quality properties and upstream process variables. Similarly, by integrating health monitoring IoT devices into the pulp and paper process, the systems can learn equipment behavior and detect deviations that might be missed during routine inspections. 


Elliott L. Bell, General Manager and Global Head of Pulp & Paper at Radix

TAPPICon is a focused exhibition for the paper and pulp industry and an important platform for Radix to meet our customers and partners and share our expertise and successes with them. We are a diverse group of engineers that have the expertise of specific industries and technology, and the best solutions to deliver continuous asset performance improvement,” said Elliott L. Bell, General Manager and Global Head of Pulp & Paper at Radix. 

“At Radix, we are using data analytics to help our customers identify where their bottlenecks are, where their value waste streams are. And from those value waste streams, we help define a problem statement to find the gap and then create solutions that our customers can scale with,” Bell added.  

On Tuesday, April 30th, at the “Transforming the Industry with IIoT, AI, and Digital Strategies” session, Elliott L. Bell, Global Head of Pulp & Paper at Radix along with John Rudd, Director of Operations - IOT-Mfg will present on the topic, “Why IIoT is important to your Digital Environmental Strategy”.  


John Rudd, Director of Operations - IOT-Mfg

Other presentations include sessions by:  

  • Elcio Cardoso da Silva, Radix Consultant on the New Technology Showcase that highlights “How We Had Success Employing AI Tools to Accomplish Tag Mapping in the Pulp and Paper Industry”  

  • Zachary Burke, Radix Account Manager, who will speak during the Data Driven Applications session on “Using AI to Detect Root Causes of Abnormal Conditions and Boost Equipment Reliability”  

  • Bruno Baggio, Radix Technical Program Manager will cover the subject of Digital Twins with “Successful application of a Process Digital twin in an Integrated Paper Mill”  

  • Stephen Janes, Radix Senior System Engineer will speak on Transforming the Industry with IIoT, AI, and Digital Strategies with “Digital Support for Maintenance Teams: Utilizing Machine Learning and IoT to Assist in Equipment Reliability”. 


Radix will be at TAPPICon 2024 Booth 326 to meet with their paper and pulp customers and partners to share their global success stories with them. For more information please visit Radix at TAPPICon 2024 (  



About Radix 

Founded in 2010, Radix is a privately held global technology solutions company providing consulting, engineering, operations technology, and data and software technology solutions. Radix combines key capabilities and practices to empower customers to thrive along their digital transformation journey. Radix provides technology-based, data-driven solutions to industrial and non-industrial companies worldwide. Radix has experience leading projects in more than 30 countries and has more than 1,700+ employees around the globe, with North American headquarters in Houston, Texas, main headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, additional offices in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, and a presence in Singapore and Amsterdam. To learn more, visit




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