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Solutions that provide safer and more convenient modes of travel.

The Future of Transportation is Digital

To boost business and make logistics more flexible and effective, it’s important for leaders to keep an eye on technology trends impacting transportation. Radix believes in integrating processes along the entire logistics chain, boosting visibility, precision, and control of actions. 


Radix uses real-time data capture and analysis to offer solutions that support strategic and operational decision-making. Our approach reduces maintenance costs, strengthens infrastructure and transportation safety, and improves overall operations. 


From Smart Cities and Smart Ports to Transportation 4.0, Radix guides you through the journeys that revolutionize your business.

Successful Digital Journeys

Radix supports our customers in overcoming challenges along their digital transformation journeys. From ensuring automation and monitoring, to digitizing the supply chain, and improving supply chain logistics -we are with you at every step.  


Our state-of-the-art solutions for IoT, Big Data, and analytics empower your transportation logistics and enable a more effective use of tools for Smart Ports and Smart Cities – while ensuring environmental protection and safety of people and cargo.

Ports Ecosystems. Minding the digital gap.

Modern seaports have become complex ecosystems characterized by a wide range of enterprises, infrastructure, and equipment. As a result, it’s a demanding operational environment, making it ideally suited to digital optimization.

Ports Ecosystems. Minding the digital gap with Radix United States

The Future of Rail is Digital

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Keith Stentiford, Head of Infrastructure of Radix North America

Keith Stentiford

Head of Infrastructure, North America

Committed to Your Goals:

To learn more about how Radix helps our customers turn their digital initiatives into digital wins, please read our latest case study.

Here's how we can help your business through the digital transformation process:

  • Ensure automation and monitoring, from end to end of the chain, with total security and science.

  • Digitizing the supply chain, improving supply chain logistics and helping to manage all the processes involved in creating and delivering products - from sourcing raw materials to distribution.

  • State-of-the-art solutions for IoT/Big Data/Analytics.

  • Tools for Smart Ports, which will help not only in logistics, but also in environmental protection and safety of people and cargo. 

  • We have solutions that result in energy efficiency and, consequently, cost cutting for companies, supporting sustainable processes, according to the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) agenda.

  • We help with availability, customer specifications and engagement with all stakeholders.

How can Radix boost your bottom line?

Radix provides solutions for the constant evolution and increasing use of technology in infrastructure and transportation companies with a customer-centric approach, working closely to understand our customers' challenges and goals. This allows us to develop customized solutions that increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, optimize processes and enhance market competitiveness. 

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