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Agriculture & Agribusiness

Sustainable Growth in Agribusiness

Growth in agriculture without depleting natural resources is a prevalent industry challenge. To improve production sustainably and responsibly, and in line with ESG concepts, Agribusinesses need to leverage solutions that power logistics and leverage real-time data.  


Radix improves the integration and deployment of new or existing technologies and facilitates logistics - especially in storage, shipment, and disposal in warehouses, railroads, and ports. 


As a leader in the market, our strategic partnership approach focuses on optimizing: 

  • Process monitoring and analysis. 

  • Identification of operational deviations.  

  • Process notifications and operational intelligence. 

Operational Value with Data

Radix uses state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the integration of large-scale automation, smart farming, precision farming, and animal husbandry. Our data-driven approach achieves significant successes in the control and optimization of all stages and processes of agricultural operations.


We also develop projects to optimize energy consumption, control water consumption, reduce costs, increase productivity and sustainability, improve operations, and eliminate departmental barriers.

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Meet Our Industry Leader

Marcelo Araujo is the Senior Account Manager for Agribusiness for Radix United States

Marcelo Araujo

Senior Account Manager - Agribusiness

Committed to Your Goals:

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