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Together, we develop innovative technology solutions tailored to your business to overcome your challenges. 

The word “Radix” derives from the Latin meaning, “the root.” As a base or unit, Radix originates as a foundation or a seed for growth.  

Founded in March 2010, Radix is a privately held, global technology solutions company with a global presence in more than thirty countries, on five continents across all sectors.

Radix Engineering North America
Radix Engineering North America.jpg

Radix’s foundation is built on a people-first integrity approach that helps companies scale their business bringing in higher value and profitability to achieve their goals.  


Built with the best-in-class engineering experts and technology-based solutions to industrial and non-industrial customers, Radix empowers organizations throughout their digital transformation journey, by creating and implementing solutions to overcome the most diverse and complex challenges. 

At Radix, digital and traditional engineering coexist, combining innovative approaches and years of expertise bringing together state-of-the-art technology, multidisciplinary intelligence, and a team of experts to develop innovative solutions contributing to a sustainable and inclusive future. 

Values, M&V

What matters most to us.

Our Mission

To transform technical and scientific knowledge into results. 

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of technological solutions to complex problems.  

Accolades & Certifications

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
EXIN Data Protection Officer
Microsoft Certified Associate
EXIN Privacy and Data Protection
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
Cybersecurity Assessment Specialist
ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist
PECB ISO 27701 Lead Implementer
AWS Certified Developer Associate
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Foundational
EXIN Privacy and Data Protection Foundation
ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist
Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

Founding Members

Alexander C., Radix Engineering U.S.A_

Founder & CEO

Radix North America


Founder & Global Head of Alliances and Practices


Founder & Global Head of Infrastructure and Services

North America Leadership

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Alexander C., Radix Engineering U.S.A_

Founder & CEO

Radix, North America


Founder & Global Head of Alliances and Practices

Natalia Klafke

Global Head of Energy and  Sustainability

Laurent Lisandre

Global Head of Manufacturing

Elliott Bell

Global Head of Pulp & Paper

Daniella Gallo.jpg

Global Head of People Management

Keith Douglas Stentiford

Head of Infrastructure,

North America

Citalouise Geiggar

VP of Marketing,

North America

Justin Conroy, Head of Manufacturing at Radix

VP of Digital Product Portfolio



Balance, Freedom, and Flexibility 

Cross borders, reduce distances, maintain connections, and enable your people, partners, and suppliers to connect from anywhere on the planet. We are talking about Radix Everywhere, a model successfully adopted by the company even before the effects of the pandemic became clear on the global market. 

Remote work, a format now widespread throughout the world, allows Radix in Brazil to be present in twenty states and in all regions of the country. In addition to expanding the effective capture of talent, Radix Everywhere allows the formation of a team with a diverse culture which enriches the exchange of ideas and experiences of the team. 

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