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Where Hybrid Intelligence + Gen AI   =   Optimal Asset Performance

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Technology Solutions to Turn Your Challenges Into Opportunities

Radix is a global, technology solutions company that delivers the most innovative, best-in-class industry solutions to scale and accelerate your digital transformation journey. With a people-first integrity approach, we unify the most intelligent engineers with technology and go beyond the creation and implementation of projects to solve the most complex challenges. 


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Transformative Solutions to Unlock Your Potential Today.

Optimize your business with engineering intelligence.



Accelerate your digital journey with a trusted partner that positions you to capitalize on future-ready opportunities. We reinvent, secure, and accelerate your transformational journey to sustainable growth, diversification, and profitability. 

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Digital transformation concept. System engineering. Binary code. Radix Engineering United States

Data & Software Technology

Explore and leverage the best-in-class,  innovative software and technologies with targeted operating models that offer a broad scope of data intelligence, and digitization. Radix helps clients achieve incremental growth, turning challenges into opportunities with the most cost-effective technology investments to empower your workforce.


Ensure optimal efficiency and collaborate throughout your entire life cycle utilizing our suite of engineering solutions to help you scale and achieve operational excellence. From economic analysis to decommissioning, Radix helps re-engineer, design, integrate, and implement solutions that solve the most complex challenges.  

Industrial Engineer, Radix Engineering United States
Industry 4.0 Modern Factory_ Female Facility Operator Controls Workshop Production Line, Radix Engineering

Operations Technology

Maximize speed to value and optimize your entire operations with the power of your data. Leverage  industrial automation technologies, gain greater ROI with actionable insights to operate effectively, break down silos, reduce cost, and increase operational efficiency.  

Stronger, Together.

Our Valued Customers

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Radix Customer - Johnson + Johnson

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How to Achieve Data Driven Process Optimization in Pulp and Paper

How to Achieve Data Driven Process Optimization in Pulp and Paper

The Pulp and paper industry is historically an industry that boosts production by increasing operational utilization rateshanging Pulp & Paper.'' Contact to learn more.

Process Digital Twins: Gamechangers for Mill-Wide Optimization

Process Digital Twins: Gamechangers for Mill-wide Optimization in Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper mills across the globe are facing the challenge of being more productive and delivering more quality while minimizing and optimizing costs. In a scenario where companies seek to provide solutions without large investments, using existing facilities most efficiently becomes not only desirable but necessary.

Achieve Game-Changing Optimization in Pulp & Paper with AI and APC

Achieve Game-Changing Optimization in Pulp & Paper with AI and APC

Demystify #artificialintelligence by listening to this quick seminar on "How AI and APC are changing Pulp & Paper.'' Contact to learn more.

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