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Power and Gas

Power the Future with Smart Energy Generation

Technological advances are challenging traditional energy production, power distribution and energy transmission - expanding opportunities for new business models and services. 


Radix works with the largest Power companies to ensure safety and greater agility for the construction and start-up of new assets and to help pioneer digital solutions for boosting operations by generating routines and systems in a scalable and secure way.


Our operational intelligence maximizes the performance and availability of assets, enhancing the performance of power companies across the globe, and into the future.

Take Control    with Predictive Maintenance

Proactively manage assets with real-time, data-driven insights and know exactly what maintenance you need and when. Radix also helps you receive predictions for maintenance and the ability to monitor operating systems to prevent failure.

Inegraed Plant View at Radix United States

See Clearly with an Integrated Plant View

Predictive Maintenance at Radix North America

Take Control of your Assets with Predictive Maintenance

Develop a Future-Focused Roadmap

Develop a Future-focused Roadmap for Optimizing Performance and Availability

Boosting Efficiency in Power

Radix offers solutions and services that integrate different data sources, including IT and OT Environments, to ensure data quality and reliability. We automate analysis and reports for regulatory bodies and internal studies. 

We help power companies by creating solutions to improve the customer experience -delivering strategies that lead new businesses related to the best supply of electricity to society.

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Meet Our Industry Leader

Tárik Siqueira, Head of Power and Gas

Tarik   Siqueria

Head of Power and Gas

Committed to Your Goals:

To learn more about how Radix helps our customers turn their digital initiatives into digital wins, please read our latest infographic today. 

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