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Radix turns business challenges into sustainable competitive advantages using the best-in-class, innovative technologies to unlock the value of data 

Cosulting and Engineering
Radix Engineering Consulting


Strategy: Connect your company's strategic objectives and existing technological resources with the creation and strengthening of competitive advantages to achieve a unique, sustainable market position. 

Transformation & Implementation: Define and transform your company in an effective way towards clear strategic objectives with the right governance structure, redefining operations processes, adopting innovative technologies, and training employees.


Workflow Process Optimization: Identify and implement process improvements to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, and maximize company value. 


Engineering Design: Application of multidisciplinary engineering in different project phases throughout the entire life cycle of industrial assets, including the management of EPC's and the commissioning / decommissioning phases of industrial facilities. 

Engineering Excellence: Reach operational excellence with a set of capabilities focused on enhancing the technical and management maturity of your decision-making process through the implementation of traditional and data driven engineering projects. 

Operational Support: Maximize the performance and reliability of your industrial assets and minimize risks of unscheduled downtime so you can focus on bigger issues. 

Operations Technology

Industrial Infrastructure: Maximize efficiency, productivity, safety, and cost reductions in industrial operations with a focus on the evaluation and diagnosis of Industrial Networks, Control Systems, and Critical Infrastructures. 

Industrial Process & Automation: Integrate intelligent physical assets that interact efficiently in Industrial Automation and Electrical Processes, acting directly in the control and supervision layer (PLCs/RTUs, SCADAS, HMIs, IIoT). 

Industrial IT (Information Technology): Customize solutions for essential technologies for the management of industrial operations, with emphasis on MES, Plant Information, Advanced Planning, Programming, and LIMS systems. 

Process and Control Optimization: Specialized services in optimization and control that use advanced techniques with mathematical models and simulations of different scenarios and strategies, identifying the best solutions to optimize process performance through APC (Advanced Process Control), RTO (Optimization in Real Time), and Tuning of Control Loops. 

Data & Software Technology

Cloud: Utilization of cloud computing, leveraging cloud architecture, security, and scalability.  Harness capabilities with best-in-class cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions. 

Software Development: Agile methodologies and modern technologies to ensure scalable, secure, and high-performance solutions from conception to implementation to meet your needs. 

Data & Analytics: Unlock and utilize the power of data to drive insights and support strategic decision-making. With our team of experienced data scientists, analysts, and engineers, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help businesses unlock the full value of their data. 

O.T and Software & IT
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Focus on What Matters Most: Accelerating Your Journey to Operational Excellence

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How to Achieve Data Driven Process Optimization in Pulp and Paper

How to Achieve Data Driven Process Optimization in Pulp and Paper

The Pulp and paper industry is historically an industry that boosts production by increasing operational utilization rateshanging Pulp & Paper.'' Contact to learn more.

Process Digital Twins: Gamechangers for Mill-Wide Optimization

Process Digital Twins: Gamechangers for Mill-wide Optimization in Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper mills across the globe are facing the challenge of being more productive and delivering more quality while minimizing and optimizing costs. In a scenario where companies seek to provide solutions without large investments, using existing facilities most efficiently becomes not only desirable but necessary.

Achieve Game-Changing Optimization in Pulp & Paper with AI and APC

Achieve Game-Changing Optimization in Pulp & Paper with AI and APC

Demystify #artificialintelligence by listening to this quick seminar on "How AI and APC are changing Pulp & Paper.'' Contact to learn more.

There are no boundaries, only unlimited opportunities to power your future with data-driven results that make an impact. 

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