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Oil & Gas Downstream

Oil & Gas Downstream

Powering the future of Downstream:
Transform. Accelerate. Scale. 

Driving Industrial Transformation to Unlock Value at Scale 

Industries are constantly seeking ways to enhance competitiveness, meet evolving demands, innovate, and comply with stringent regulations. Studies project significant changes in the Downstream and Chemicals sectors over the next 15 years, presenting both challenges and opportunities. 

Key Challenges 

Market & Supply Chain 
  • Oscillations in fuels and chemicals demand. 

  • New consumer patterns with increasing electrification and demand for low-carbon products and e-vehicles. 

Innovation in Downstream and Chemicals 

Radix is an end-to-end solution provider for enterprise-wide digital transformation programs. We combine industry domain expertise, artificial intelligence techniques, and a highly qualified technology team to implement high-impact solutions with a holistic approach. Our solutions address the core challenges of the industry, enhancing profitability, safety, productivity, and sustainability. 

Industrial Manufacturing
  • Value Creation: Leverage technology to boost profitability, safety, labor productivity, and reduce carbon intensity. 

  • Outcome: Substantial gains in core business areas. 

Capital Projects
  • Digital Integration: Use digital technologies and data integration to accelerate project delivery and enhance handover to operations. 

  • Outcome: Foundation for digitally integrated assets. 

Supply Chain and Operations Planning
  • Digitization and Automation: Increase collaboration and improve planning capabilities to optimize inventory, resource allocation, demand forecasting, and product/material flow. 

  • Outcome: Enhanced efficiency and responsiveness in supply chain operations. 

Sales and Customer Service
  • Digital Platforms: Connect sales organizations with clients, streamline services, and explore new business models. 

  • Outcome: Improved client retention and service differentiation. 

Research and Development
  • Innovation: Leverage digital technologies and AI to accelerate product development cycles and application engineering. 

  • Outcome: Reduced time to market and associated costs. 

We can help you improve your business to achieve sustainable downstream operations – regardless of volatility or demanding ROI targets.    

Schedule an appointment and meet with one of our experts who can help optimize your operations in a scalable and sustainable way. 

Meet Our Industry Leader

Bernard Cruzeiro at Radix North America

General Manager of Downstream & Chemicals

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