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Biofuel Technologies at Radix United States


Innovating Biofuel for a Sustainable Future

Streamline Operations

Biofuel production involves complex processes. Achieving high conversion rates and efficient processing requires advanced technologies, optimization, and precise control of various parameters.


Radix provides solutions that help improve biofuel operations. We help Biofuel companies identify existing issues and use real-time data to maximize operations.​ 


Our solutions optimize processes for more efficient production and Radix helps implement automation to improve efficiency.

Energy-efficient operations

Radix helps biofuel companies by leveraging data and data analytics to optimize the monitoring and management of overall crop growth, irrigation, and operation.

Our solutions optimize the overall energy efficiency of biofuel production, including streamlining equipment and implementing technologies to improve energy production.

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Meet Our Industry Leader

Bernard Cruzeiro is the General Manager of Downstream and Chemicals

Bernard Cruzeiro

General Manager of Downstream & Chemicals

Committed to Your Goals:

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