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Ethics & Integrity

Radix was founded in April 2010 by Luiz Eduardo Ganem Rubião, João Chachamovitz, Geraldo Rochocz, Flavio Guimarães, Maurício Miele, Alexander Clausbruch, Flávio Waltz and Paulo Armando. Since the beginning of our activities, we have won important awards, such as Best Companies to Work for in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, TI & Telecom and Latin America and certifications that differentiate us from the others, such as ISO 9001 and CMMi 5. 

In 2015, Sotreq, one of the largest dealers of Caterpillar products in the country, became a partner in the company. 

Allied to the constant search for growth and results, Radix is a company highly committed to ethics and integrity. Unfortunately, corruption is a social and cultural problem in Brazil, which ends up having repercussions in the corporate environment, and it is up to everyone – the State, civil society and the private sector – to adopt measures to fight this evil. 

Radix is aware of its role as an ally of the State, assuming the public and voluntary commitment to all sectors of society to adopt and disseminate practices and measures to fight corruption inside and outside the company. 

In this context, since 2015, we have an Integrity Program (or Compliance Program) which is a set of mechanisms adopted by Radix to prevent, detect and respond to the practice of corruption, fraud and other related offenses. Since its creation, this Program – which is led by the Ethics Committee and the Compliance Officer, has the unrestricted support of the company's Senior Management and Middle Management, and is constantly evolving. And, as a result of this mission, Radix, in four consecutive editions, was recognized as a Pro-Ethics Company by the Government Accountability Office of the Union. 

Important elements of the Radix Integrity Program are present on this page: 

Ethics and Compliance Officer Committee : the bodies responsible for the main actions to the Program

Code of Conduct and Ethics and Code of Conduct and Ethics for Third Parties: the parent standards of the Program;

Compliance Policies: complementary norms to the Codes, which deal in a more detailed way with specific Compliance themes;

Integrity Channels:

  • Inquiry Channel: means used to clarify doubts about topics related to the Program;

  • Reporting Channel: means used to receive reports of alleged irregularities committed in the Radix environment.

Integrity Channel 

Doubt Channel: means used to clarify doubts about topics related to the Program; 

Reporting Channel: means used to receive complaints of alleged irregularities practiced in the Radix environment. 

Conduct and ethics codes

Radix is engaged in building an environment of integrity and trust to ensure our business and partnerships are consistently held to the necessary ethical standards. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversify & Transform 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are imperative to help us create the workplace and communities that we continue to positively impact at Radix.  

Radix is committed to making a positive impact on both our employees and society by facilitating a diverse, open, and encouraging, professional environment. At Radix, we use an integrity- people first approach that values human experience, accepts social responsibility, and welcomes change for the sake of progress. 

Diversity leads to Innovative and Collaborative Environments 

Collaborating with people of diversity, eclectic backgrounds, and experiences leads to more creative and original solutions. At Radix, we respect and value all of our team members, partners, and customers. Valuing and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion both internally and externally promotes and ensures fair opportunities for everyone.  

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