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Metal and Mining

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Metals and Mining 

Developing and deploying new technologies that reduce environmental and social impacts caused by Metal and Mining remains a major challenge in this industry. 


Metal and Mining companies also have to adapt to regulations, ensure control of environmental accidents and risks, and reduce production costs. 


Radix leads the industry in identifying customer obstacles and creating customized technology solutions that maximize profitability and production. 


We also help our customers navigate the energy transition process by focusing on the decarbonization of industries, which is proving to be a significant global opportunity for the mining and metals sector.

Unparalleled Solutions for Metals and Mining 

To keep pace with the demands and changes in the metals and mining sector, Radix offers a multidisciplinary team proficient in the areas of Information Technology (IT) as well as Operational Technology (OT) and Engineering Technology (ET). 

We combine technology with expertise and experience to solve your biggest challenges and empower your company to leverage the latest solutions to scale with sustainability.

Unparalleled Solutions for Metals and Mining

Contact One of Our Metals and Mining Experts Today:

Fellipe Buzzi

Head of Metals and Mining, North America

Committed to Your Goals:

To learn more about how Radix helps our customers turn their digital initiatives into digital wins, read our latest case study today. 

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