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Radix remains at the top of the ranking among the best companies to work for in Rio de Janeiro

Company has been champion of the state GPTW ranking six times and wins 2nd place in this year's list.



Radix remains unbeaten in its participation in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) ranking since its founding 13 years ago. Occupying the podium once again, the company was in 2nd place in 2023 and has already been elected six other times the best company in Rio de Janeiro to work and build a career. By doubling in size in the last three years, following a bold expansion plan, this is the second time that Radix has participated in the large company category.

The survey is promoted annually by the Great Place to Work (GPTW) in partnership with the newspaper O Globo and ABRH – Brazilian Association of Human Resources of Rio de Janeiro, and includes the best companies, divided between large, medium and small.

According to João Chachamovitz, CEO of the company, this year's award comes at a time of transformations in the market and reaffirms the consistency of the culture and work developed over the years.

"Last year we competed for the first time in the large companies category and, being at the top of this ranking for the second consecutive time, consolidates Radix as a company that has made the right decisions, with people as a focus. We have already gone through many challenging moments, always readapting to ensure the sustainability of the business, the excellence of deliveries, innovation and, above all, the construction of good and lasting relationships", he highlights.

Radix has undergone a profound process of changes since it was for the first time in the GPTW ranking, still with 100 employees, at the time. Today it is a multinational with businesses in dozens of countries, which aim to solve the most complex and urgent problems in the most varied areas, ranging from the energy and mining sector, to infrastructure. In all, there are five offices in Brazil and the United States.

With the growth, the company was structured to remain as one of the most desired by professionals. It created continuing education programs such as Radix University and launched Radix Everywhere, which makes it possible to hire talent anywhere in the world.

"Radix has changed a lot and very quickly in the last three years, but despite this, our essence remains the same. What do we do to continue to be, truly, a Great Place to Work? The answer is to really invest in people, in continuous training, so that everyone can grow along with the company. We have an open communication, with transparency and that makes the difference so that everyone has the freedom to expose their thoughts. In addition, fostering diversity in all dimensions is essential in building teams that share the same company culture and values. Having a team where people believe in our purpose, feel fulfilled and proud of what they do is what drives us."

Focusing on the strategy of continuing to grow and expand worldwide, becoming a global and increasingly diverse and inclusive company, Radix has just launched the first affirmative selection process, with exclusive vacancies for people with disabilities. And, still within the people management policy, it has strengthened physical and mental health programs, focusing on the well-being of employees, inside and outside the company.

According to Radix's Director of People & Management, Daniella Gallo, caring for people is a strategic decision in the company. Business results are generated through happy and healthy people, through a relationship of trust and transparency, and mutual growth, in a psychologically safe and diverse environment at all levels. These are important marks of the company, which make it a reference in the creation of these programs.

"We believe that the company has the mission of taking care of people in a broad way, making a difference in their quality of life and consequently of their families, and thus, of society. Therefore, we invest in the continuous development of people and in encouraging the care of their physical and mental health. We genuinely care and that ends up being felt by the whole team; And so, we generate more and better results, in the most different aspects. Through the promotion of an increasingly diverse and inclusive environment we can connect more with people, managing to expand our role beyond the walls of the company, contributing to the transformation of society by being protagonists in this movement that we believe in", he highlights.


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