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Radix Partners with Shape to Optimize Predictive Maintenance

A Suite of Predictive Maintenance Software Tools for FPSOs/FPUs

Radix Partners with Shape to Optimize Predictive Maintenance

Radix Engineering and Software and Shape are collaborating at both a strategic and tactical level with a mutual goal to sustain cash flow certainty and mitigate EHS impact for our FPSO/FPU clients using state-of-the-art digital innovations.

Currently, they are developing a unique software suite of predictive maintenance tools focused on client FPSO/FPU operations to optimize production and mitigate unplanned stoppages and downtime. The suite utilizes data contextualization and machine learning algorithms, plus embedded process, extensive mechanical engineering intelligence, and experience from actual FPSO/FPU operations. The unified operational experience is a differentiator.

Specifically, Radix is applying FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) methodology to FPSO/FPU operations, monitoring symptoms and signals that are frequently the first sign of potential failure. In parallel, Shape is providing data management tools to deliver a holistic view of the FPSOs’ maintenance status to the operators. This data helps determine KPIs and variables that must be monitored during operation to anticipate potential problems, better plan interventions, to reduce downtime, and maintenance costs, and extend equipment life.

The next challenge is to map/model FPSO/FPU flaring systems with the goal being to predict potential process upsets and take corrective action to prevent flaring all in the pursuit of ZERO Flaring.

“We are extremely honored to strengthen this relationship with Radix, a leading technology company. This new predictive maintenance tool reinforces our capacity to deliver meaningful bottom-line impact through the usage of data to top market players” said Henrique Domakoski, VP of Marketing and Sales at Shape.

About Shape Digital

Shape is a digital service provider for industrial companies that has a clear mission: To transform the way the industrial sector makes decisions through data and technology. Emerged from an initiative within MODEC focused on applying Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics tools for predictive maintenance solutions.

Shape's solutions are unique in the market because they are highly customizable and scalable, they meet the specific needs of customers, and for using data from the entire plant to make inferences about their equipment. While typical solutions look at basic variables such as vibration and its harmonics, Shape goes beyond predictive models for insulated equipment, offering a scalable holistic predictive maintenance solution for the entire plant and its respective systems.

To learn more, reach out to our experts:

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