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Radix Demonstrates How Data Can Maximize Value Creation for Manufacturers

Updated: Mar 19

Radix Demonstrates How Data Can Maximize Value Creation for Manufacturers

Radix Engineering participated at TAPPICon 2023 as a Ruby sponsor. Radix addressed aspects of the Digitally-Integrated Asset Data Lifecycle that aligned with this year’s conference theme, "Three Rings of Success: Vision, Technology, Action.” Radix also sponsored the Women’s Summit Reception on Saturday, April 22.

Maximizing Value with Live Digital Twins Demo

Radix is unlocking data to maximize value creation by providing pulp & paper manufacturers solutions and tools that improve a mill's consistency, process stability, and regulatory control. Through a live Digital Twin Demo, in which we use AWS TwinMaker, we will emphasize the importance of data to reduce cost, variability, and improve production quality.

Commented Elliott L. Bell, Global Head of Pulp & Paper at Radix: “The ability to capture the data and make it available for use by anyone able to create value drives the primary strategy of creating a data driven environment. By eliminating data silos (i.e., unlocking data) it is possible to increase the number of employees and SME’s that can take part in diagnosing issues. The fundamental difference between trying to be digital and being data driven is the desire to automate versus the desire to leverage every source of data to drive value creation by de-risking future decisions.”

For more information on Radix’ solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry:

Presenter Bios

Stephen Janes is a Professional Mechanical Engineer and Project Management Professional with more than 10 years of engineering experience. For the past 5 years, Stephen has led and managed PIMS deployments and system integrations for the Pulp and Paper industry and others at Radix. He has had the privilege of working with industry leaders such as Georgia-Pacific, Kimberly Clark, WestRock, and Cascades. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Stephen is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance manufacturing operations and is known for creating innovative solutions. At TAPPICon he has been invited to be member of the YP (Young Professionals) panel discussion centered around the impact technology can have to not only to improve mill performance, but also pose an opportunity to create a better, more predictable work life for future mill engineers with a specific focus on employee retention.

Elliott L. Bell is a board member at the pulp and paper Division at ISA - International Society of Automation and Global Head of Pulp and Paper at Radix. He is a lead speaker and session chair during the RPTA Seminar at TAPPICon.

Elliott has over 28 years of experience in heavy industry, with the majority being in Pulp and Paper, Non-Wovens, and Utilities. Previously he held numerous positions with Georgia Pacific, most recently Senior Director of Advanced Process Solutions, where he championed the collection and use of business and process data for Digital Transformation purposes. He is a process control Subject Matter Expert, and has extensive experience in management, organizational transformation, process controls, maintenance, capital project engineering, and project management. Elliott is Six Sigma Black Belt certified and trained in Lean methodology, Four Step Problem solving techniques and center lining. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University.

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