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From Traditional to Digital: Transform Your Customer's Shopping Experience

Customers connected across multiple channels, and the explosion of e-commerce, are forcing retailers to quickly adapt to new business models. Increasingly, the virtual and real worlds go hand in hand and e-commerce and physical stores couldn't be more different.

Radix has a multidisciplinary team with a high technical level and deep knowledge of the retail sector, capable of developing customized solutions for each client.

Radix empowers retail companies with effective integration of information from all stages involved in the sales process: inventory management, pricing, distribution center, order tracking, transportation, and integration with supplier systems. 

Innovative Solutions to Transform Retail

The result is a technology capable of managing everything from receipt of goods at the Distribution Center to delivery to the consumer, generating a direct impact on sales results and on the positive experience of the end customer.

Our solutions enable agile and integrated management and with just one tool, store owners now have access to all the information they need. From real-time inventory, unified information for efficient and competitive pricing, and fleet management to deliver goods in a cost-effective manner - Radix has the necessary know-how to develop the ideal solution for your business.

Stepping into the Future of Retail: How Digital Twins Are Transforming the Retail Landscape.

Imagine your store intuitively understands your customers’ needs. The layout, the products, the ambiance – everything aligns with their preferences, creating a personalized, effortless journey.

Stepping Into the Future of Retail with Radix United States

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To learn more about how Radix helps our customers turn their digital initiatives into digital wins, please read our latest case study today.

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