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Downstream & Chemicals

Optimizing Operations with Real-Time Data Analytics

Innovation in Downstream and Chemicals

The biggest challenges facing chemicals and petrochemicals companies are an increase in long-term competition and the growing energy transition towards sustainability. We help our clients meet the demand for products and solutions by helping them:

  • Improve quality control

  • Drive plant science

  • Optimize production

  • Better integrate new technologies to meet environmental requirements.

Our multidisciplinary team has the expertise to diagnose our clients' problems and provide the best solutions by integrating tools from information, engineering and operations technology -, ensuring the best strategic outcomes are achieved.

Radix portfolio includes:

Chemical Sector

  • New Production Routes Project, elaborating from conceptual, basic and detailed projects to the support and technical support to the implementation of the projects.

  • Implementation of VIP Practices (Value Improvement Practices), like Process Simulation, Constructability, and Risk Analysis, among others.

  • Industrial Automation projects, including maintenance systems, alarms and manufacturing management.

  • Energy science based on levers that contemplate studies of physicochemical processes and evaluation of instrumentation/automation, among other variables.

  • Troubleshoot processes and critical equipment using a combination of computational, automation and engineering tools.

  • Cyber Security and Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on Industry 4.0.

  • Optimization from models that ensure optimal performance in various operating ranges according to production demands.

  • Artificial Intelligence Systems (Neural Networks, Fuzzy etc.) for operational control, reducing losses and ensuring product quality.

How can Radix
boost your
bottom line?

Radix provides reliable and scalable solutions for the entire growth journey and supports decision-making, operational intelligence and innovation with a digital engineering approach tailored to the particularities of each company.

Do you want to learn more about our solutions for your business? 

Meet Our Industry Leader

Bernard Cruzeiro is the General Manager of Downstream and Chemicals

Bernard Cruzeiro

General Manager of Downstream & Chemicals

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