Ic eyeTechnologic Solutions

Radix invests not only in traditional engineering services, but also in technological solutions that support customers’ decision-making in their everyday operations. While some of these solutions come from the close partnerships the company has formed with other companies, others are custom developed by Radix to help clients increase efficiency and keep costs down.

Nevertheless, many of Radix’s technological solutions are built in close collaboration with these partners, and this collaboration provides for higher scalability as well as interoperability between different systems. Some of Radix’s partners include SAP, Microsoft, NASA, Lockheed Martin, OSIsoft, Honeywell, Sotreq, and many others. Radix has also built several internal laboratories, among which are the electronics lab where A!Prox and the company’s own IoT platform were developed.

Below is a brief overview of a few of the custom technological solutions that Radix has developed:

A mobile inventory management application designed to meet the needs of warehouses. X!Pedition provides a means to trace a set of goods’ journey from shipping to delivery – leaving behind records of timestamps, transit times, invoices, pictures, status changes, and many other data points. The system is fully integratable with many corporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

A Legal Management System that can be used by various departments within a company to manage legal concerns such as deadlines, documents, and values and allocations. It is also capable of updating a company’s SAP with amounts provisioned, records of deposits, updates on costs, document revisions, and contract values, and it can also work with other external sources of information such as court documents and official journals. The system contains several modules: Litigation, Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Consultations, and Registrations. Each module includes its own dashboard and can be used to generate reports.

A proximity monitoring system that alerts equipment and vehicle operators about the presence of other employees in the area. These warnings add a layer of safety by helping operators avoid using equipment when doing so might put other people in danger. Since its conceptualization, A!Prox’s use case has expanded to include location monitoring of vehicles as well. Tracking where vehicles are travelling and how long they stay there with this system provides a dataset that can be used to optimize route planning as well as many other types of optimization.

An intelligent layer that lives on top of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), LabX!Pert automates and optimizes routine processes within industrial laboratories. The system is capable of ingesting a large amount of data to learn these processes and produce results more quickly and more reliably.

An operational intelligence system that monitors equipment availability and uses a combination of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to generate predictive maintenance alerts based on potential failures it identifies. When a problem is anticipated, the system sends a message with recommended corrective actions that will help operators avoid unnecessary downtime.

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that has been pre-configured for various industrial sectors. X!MES features a complete set of tools and functions that can improve production management: collaboration, scheduling, execution, control, and coordination of the entire network within the production chain. In addition to the standard X!MES modules, customized modules can easily be added on to match individual clients’ needs. The system’s scalability, feature set, and scalability are the result of numerous years of experience in deploying MES systems.

A field service management system that provides greater visibility into field services and operations. Combining intelligent tools with GPS data eases the management of inspections and other service activities carried out in the field. X!Fields can also be used to generate client reports that feature key metrics which show how operations can be improved as well as how they can pivot to meet new business opportunities. Overall, X!Fields simplifies technician workflows, reduces bottlenecks, and enhances technicians’ efficiency and productivity. The solution exists as a web application that is accessible anywhere: from a mobile device in the field to a desktop in the corporate office – all integrated with the company’s ERP system.