MedalSport Sponsorships

Talita and Larissa

An example is the sponsorship for the volleyball champion Larissa and Talita. Radix story with the athlete Talita Antunes is longstanding, but in 2015, the novelty was the joining of the player with Larissa França, and the company’s stance in embracing the double and root for them together. The two athletes join sponsored by Radix was positive and ensured their participation in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Susana Schnarndorf

Named the best female athlete of 2013 by the Brazilian Paralympic Committee (CPB), the Radix parathlete is currently a S5 swimmer. In 2016, shortly after being downgraded in her category due to the illness acceleration, she challenged medicine by attending the Rio 2016 Paralympics. Susana swam the mixed 4x50m freestyle relay alongside Clodoaldo Silva, Joana Silva and Daniel Dias, winning the silver medal for Brazil and Radix.

Before her illness, the Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA), Susana won titles in the triathlon such as the fifth Brazilian championship, competing also in the 1995 Pan American Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina, and three editions of Iron Man, in Hawaii. In 2005, however, due to Parkinson’s disease, she became a paralympic swimmer, having already won the title of Brazilian champion and record holder of 50m freestyle (37s34); 100m freestyle (1m21s34); 400m freestyle (5m47s78); 100m breastroke (1m41s51) and 200m Medley (3m20s19).

“I started swimming at the age of 6, but then I had my moment of passion for the triathlon until I returned to swimming. I’ve always been passionate about training and I have no idea how many medals I’ve won, but the most important was the silver medal I won at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games”, said Susana

Caio Amorim

He started swimming at age five and tells that water has always been his favorite world. After attending to the Paralympics in Beijing (2008), this young man decided to devote himself to the parasport”. The first time I listened to the national anthem at the top of the podium, I understood why it is worth waking up at dawn in the winter”, said the swimmer. Today, Caio has over 200 medals, among them three gold, two silver and two bronze medals for the Brazilian National Team at the Parapan-Americanos Games in Guadalajara (2011) and Toronto (2015), where he was a record holder of the Americas. In 2016, he fulfilled his dream of participating in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Marcelo Collet

He began his paralympic career at the age of 17, after being hit in an accident in Salvador, Bahia. Before the accident, he was considered a promise for the Brazilian triathlon and was in preparation for the World Cup that would take place in Switzerland. “I was always a very restless person, with the sports I was able to throw my energy out. I discovered my talent gradually, because I went through different sports: basketball, capoeira, Olympic gymnastics until I found myself in athleticism, where I started to really compete”, he said.

The sciatic nerve of one of his legs was affected in the accident and recovery was not complete. But it had not destroyed the athlete’s career. With strength and determination, Marcelo is now part of the Brazilian swim team, competing in the S10 category. “In 2001 I learned about the parasport and went to my first competition. As I had achieved good results, I was invited to join the Brazilian team”, he explained. He is considered one of the top swimmers in the country and has participated in the most important competitions such as five world swimming championships, two Parapan-Americano (Mar Del Plata/2003 and Rio de Janeiro/2007), in which he won four medals, and two Paralympics (Athens/2004 and Beijing/2008).

In 2010, the parathlete crossed the English Channel, and turned the first Brazilian Paralympic athlete to cross the Channel. In 2013, Collet won the second best Paralympic triathlon award in the world.

Matheus Silva

With two gold and one bronze medal, Matheus set the record at the Parapan-Americano in 2015 in Toronto in the 50m freestyle. The parathlete began swimming at age seven for medical advice and it was love at first sight. “When I first entered the pool, the sport caught my attention and since then, I have not stopped”, he said.