Conmark and Radix Announce Partnership to Deliver ESG Solution to Pulp & Paper Industry

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Conmark Systems Inc. announced today a global strategic partnership with Radix, engineering, automation, software, and ET/ OT/ IT consulting company. Both companies share a vision for advancing worldwide manufacturing solutions with innovative integrated technology and services, focused on the pulp & paper and other process industries.

Process manufacturing organizations need global providers that can collaborate and supply a completely integrated top-to-bottom solution. By combining Radix’s expertise in all things digital and Conmark’s skills in sensor and control technology, customers can now look to one partner for all their projects.

The partnership’s first initiative will be creating a fully integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) solution for the pulp and paper industry. This total solution will contain an integrated skid for mills to measure fiber losses and will also provide a complete modeling and reporting solution.

“Conmark is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative sensors for difficult manufacturing processes,” said Elliott Bell, Radix’s Program Director for Pulp and Paper. “Radix provides solutions that aim to increase efficiency and add value to customers by identifying solutions, frameworks, and methodologies tailored to each client’s customized problems. Our organizations share principles focused on value creation for our communities, customers, and our employees. Conmark’s experience and success in helping industrial clients reduce their environmental impact align with Radix’s ESG vision. Together we will enable our customers to measure effluents, optimize unintended losses as well as collect and analyze data that has historically not been attainable.”

“Radix continues to be the market leader in technology production and development,” said Gary Hopkins, President of Conmark Systems Inc. “Our organizations possess the philosophy that fostering collaboration results in better outcomes for those involved. Radix’s mission is to fuel their customers’ growth, and we intend to work closely together to identify new ways to empower this pursuit.”


Infographic: Digital Integrated Asset Data Lifecycle

Infographic: Digital Integrated Asset Data Lifecycle