Radix US increases presence at Global Events

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Strengthening its brand as an international supplier of technology and engineering solutions, the Radix US team has been restructured and is focusing primarily on the Pulp & Paper and Oil & Gas sectors. The US team significantly increased its employees and event participation and has helped Radix broaden its global horizons

In 2021 our experts have been at the forefront of lectures, seminars, and conferences that are important for networking and attracting partnerships.

Among the significant events were OTC 2021, the largest OG US conference (Houston), in August; the world’s largest pulp and paper conference, TAPPICon (Atlanta) and Downstream 2021 (Houston) in October; and AVEVA PI World, where Radix presented a case alongside Klabin, a pulp and paper primary customer.

Flávio Guimarães, CEO of Radix US, also represented the company in corporate meetings such as the webinar promoted by Brasa Houston on entrepreneurship, and in the Logistics and Supply Chain School at the University of Houston, where he was a special guest and spoke how digital transformation is the key to develop and build a safe supply chain.

Leading Radix’ US expansion into the pulp and paper market, Elliott Bell, director of advanced solutions, spoke about the company's growth and emphasized that participation in events is essential to build and consolidate our brand in the United States.

“We are in the process of building our brand in pulp and paper,” he commented. “Getting introduced to multiple companies is the first step and being present at fairs in our segments is an essential part of our overall marketing strategy. Paper companies have a long history, with entrenched existing and favored relationships. To enter this market, we must create the desire for companies to want our services. Being part of events makes this happen. Leveraging partners like AVEVA/OSIsoft and AWS at trade shows will also help us significantly in brand building.”

Radix US nurtures relationships with current and future customers and partners. According to Bell, these partnerships strategically help Radix US create value for customers, in addition to helping expand its software offerings. It makes our customer base, and reputation, stronger.