Radix develops Technos Smartwatches

Largest watch company in Latin America chooses Radix to create their app, mixing Agile and Cascade concepts

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Nowadays, catching the eye of smartwatch users is a challenge for technology and software companies. Focused on standing out in this market, the Grupo Technos hired Radix to launch wearable devices for Technos and Mormaii brands. 

The Grupo Technos is the largest watch company in Latin America, while the Brazilian company Mormaii is a famous worldwide brand among sports such as surfing and diving for its wetsuits. 

The smartwatches company chose to create smartwatches developed with different solutions than those found on the market today in a project with Radix that lasted four months. 

Radix developed a set of technological solutions, which orchestrated historical data and real-time information generated by the wearable. 

Based on RESTful protocol and written in React Native, the architecture allows for scalability and reusability and optimizing development processes, supporting the client's strategy of offering a solution by brand. 

The initial project stands out for using native features in mobile systems, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; using the watch as a data provider; developing a core that centralized the Software Development Kit; operating on Android and iOS systems. 

The second phase of the project developed the final product. It is an app with more consolidated structures, close to an ideal scalable app, enabling incorporating other clocks over time. 

Finally, the project delivered an app that has a multi-device (more than one watch), cross-platform (more than one system), and multi-use (the user can access their data from different sources). 

- We adapted and optimized the use of the agile concept during the project, building a mix of Cascade and Agile, which at the end of the project generated a very expressive meaning for Technos' Work Model - said Cezar Pires, project manager at Radix. 

Smartwatches' functions are step counters, heart rate assessment, reading messages, sending photos, and accessing documents.