Radix is part of a webinar for British companies that consider investing in Brazil

With strong expertise in Oil & Gas, Radix talked about challenges and projects in this area.

Oil e gas eic

Radix recently presented as part of a webinar promoted by the Energy Industries Council (EIC).  The EIC is the largest energy trade association in the UK. The EIC currently has approximately 700 members who collectively employ over a million people and generate over £100 billion in revenues from their UK-based operations. The audience was composed by British companies that are considering investing and performing in this market in Brazil. 

Radix was invited to share its expertise in executing many process industries projects, both in Brazil and worldwide. The company highlighted a Petrobras project for eight pre-salt replicating platforms. Also, Radix’ team performed pre-detailing engineering (FEED) and, in parallel, it developed a system to deal with the challenge arising from the huge number of interfaces established between Petrobras and its contractors.

Radix’ presenters included Alex Cramer, Oil&Gas Director, Natalia Klafke, Upstream General Manager and Tassio Simioni, Energy General Manager. In addition to the Petrobras project, they showcased other projects, and discussed additional opportunities available in both the downstream and upstream energy sectors.