Radix achieved the best approval rate for Elipse certification, among more than 150 companies

The result reinforces that Radix provides high-quality solutions

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Radix obtained the highest level of approval in the certification tests for Elipse E3, which is Elipse Software's platform for process monitoring and control. The certification recognizes user’s expertise in using E3 as a work tool guaranteeing preference for the company in automation projects. In addition, this certification is valid worldwide and can be used to automate different types of processes:  from large energy generation, transmission, and distribution centers, to extensive wastewater networks, electric substations, oil companies, and smart buildings.

Radix's approval rate for the test was 90%, the highest among Elipse's partner companies. As a result, Radix has the largest number of certified professionals among more than 150 companies that have pursued the certification process. Radix’ certified workforce, combined with best development practices, yields high quality solutions for its customers.

“I consider certifications valuable for all professionals (technicians, engineers, and coordinators) engaged in our projects. Also, I believe that through this partnership with Elipse, we can provide even more robust solutions for the various industry sectors in worldwide projects,” explained Thiago Bacic, project manager of Radix Services.

Bacic encouraged his entire team to pursue the certification. “This year, my entire team went through the certification process and we obtained a 90% approval rate. But that does not imply that the test was elementary. Everyone worked hard and studied hard, which was essential, as well as Radix University's support over the process.

Elipse Software provides powerful software solutions projects with large clients, such as Rede Globo, Aeronáutica, ViaQuatro (CCR), Bombardier (Sao Paulo Metro) and OI Telecom. This solution has been used since 2014 in Radix's projects.