Radix, Microsoft, and ABDI Address COVID-19 PPE Shortage with Online Platform Connecting Suppliers and Health Care Institutions


In partnership with Microsoft and ABDI (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development), Radix has developed an online platform to connect institutions with an urgent demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and the companies that sell these materials. This project, called EPI MATCH allows a hospital, for example, to quickly locate suppliers of masks, gloves, and other essential items for its healthcare workers.

This initiative streamlines the arrival of items to protect people working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, comments Radix CEO, João Chachamovitz.

According to ABDI: “This project is a tool developed at a time of increasing demand for PPE due to the COVID-19 pandemic and includes a unique virtual hospital environment for public institutions that require hospital PPE and companies that produce or import these items.”

Registration for the EPI MATCH platform is free and easy to use.  Stakeholders need to register as a Claimant or Provider of PPE on the EPI MATCH website, and registration is also open to Natural Person or Legal Entity.

Once the stakeholder has access to the EPI MATCH service, he is able to research where there is supply or demand for equipment, and what types of PPE are registered for purchase or sale.  In addition, availability, supply, and demand can be identified by region Once there is a match, the parties contact each other."

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