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Radix’s project awarded for its innovative practices

The solution generated several outputs for the clients, such as reduction working time using Business Intelligence (BI).

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A project developed by Radix to CPFL Energia, a Brazilian energy company was awarded the “Management Innovation” award offered by StateGrid under the category “Practical Innovation Management”.  The project uses Business Intelligence (BI). This award is offered to companies distinguished by innovative practices. This year it was held in China.

In the project, BI was used to gather and process market prospecting data, including business opportunity, new customers, and captive market migrations. The platform also includes sales and trading data, such as revenues, energy procurement and sale amounts, contracts nearing completion, and various other indicators relevant to commercial management.

The data received is processed and made available in a “datalake”. The information is monitored by graphics, tables, and trend indicators in dashboards, providing inputs key in decision-making in real time from anywhere. The information is available by smarthphones and tablets.

In the previous process, the analysts spent a large portion of the time processing data and developing reports. They did not have a lot of time to complete a deep data analysis due to the size amount of the database.

- The BI tool is the first step for the platform to be able to generate, automatic insights and diagnosis about the company within the energy industry. Therefore, a BI Platform was implemented to facilitate the entire process, automating data processing (regardless the database size), and offering a real-time view of the information – explains Ranielly Coelho, Radix’ s Project Coordinator.

 The BI’s tool deployment for CPFL generated immediate, tangible, and intangible results, such as the ease of obtaining a variety of up-to-date information automatically without waiting for data collection and manual generation. BI has also ensured data integrity due to the reduced manual processing and allowing viewing of a wider range of data, previously limited by spreadsheet capacity.

Besides that, the solution lowered the time spent by each analyst within data treatment and analysis. According to measurements taken at the end of the project, this platform will save 92 weekly hours from whole team.

Radix is proud of this great achievement and recognize all employee involved in the project: Thiago Tesch, Ranielly Coelho, Júlia Delgado and Vinícius Aparecido, consultants Eric Alarcon e Wagner Morgão. We are aware that successful deliverables are the results of the highly trained professionals, attuned to market trends.