Radix Welcomes High School Students to the Training Program

Koby Adu, Theo Guimarães, and Aditya Agrawal joined Radix for the summer 2019 training program

High school interns Koby Adu, Theo Guimarães, and Aditya Agrawal

For the second consecutive year, Radix welcomed high school interns interested in going into the engineering field to the training program. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to apply what they learned in a classroom setting into a corporate environment. The students work alongside engineers and project managers to better understand the activities and responsibilities engineers have and how they problem-solve challenges.

Koby Adu, Theo Guimarães, and Aditya Agrawal joined the company this summer and worked on various tasks such as developing an application to automate internal processes for the financial department.

Program Manager, Justin V. Conroy, was one of the students’ mentors. Conroy was very impressed by the eagerness and motivation the students bring to the industry. “For the second year in a row, I am beside myself with astonishment at the quality of work produced by the students. The high school intern program is something that gives me great hope for the industry’s future employees,” said Conroy.

The students were given hands-on experience and a glimpse of the industry itself. “The summer internship opportunity at Radix was a unique opportunity for me. One that I had never experienced before. I got many opportunities to learn new things in a corporate environment. Everyone at the office was very helpful. Justin was a great mentor,” said Agrawal.

In September the students will present the work they completed at Radix to teachers, counselors, other students, and Radix employees.

“My internship at Radix US was very valuable and amazing experience. I had the chance to learn what engineers do as well as how to use Azure Software and PI AF System,” finalized Guimarães.