Radix Predicting the Future of Manufacturing Working with AWS IoT TwinMaker

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 In today’s world of highly automated manufacturing, most manufacturers are either looking for a competitive advantage or an innovation to allow older process equipment to remain competitive. When applied correctly in this scenario, digital twins can be just what they are looking for, the “automatic spell checker” of a manufacturing process.

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Tier Services Partner, Radix Engineering and Software is proud to be a launch partner for AWS IoT TwinMaker, which makes it easier for customers to create digital twins that mirror real-world systems. As a global technology company that provides consulting, engineering, operations technology (OT), and digital solutions into multiple manufacturing verticals, Radix’s diverse engineering, and OT staff will integrate AWS IoT TwinMaker outputs into clients’ existing business, process control, or data historian systems.

“Digital twins can be engineered to provide both real-time exceptions and predict future issues or performance,” said Elliott Bell, Program Director, at Radix Engineering and Software. “They can provide guidance to operators, engineers, or maintenance to help run and optimize overall process performance.”

A long-standing obstacle to the development of digital twins was the effort necessary to locate and build the relationships between metadata and the process equipment. Radix found that AWS IoT TwinMaker helps systematically build relationships between engineering documentation, process data, business systems, and maintenance systems, all without human interaction. AWS IoT TwinMaker greatly reduces the activities involved in building digital twins, including reducing a major burden of metadata mapping, thereby freeing Radix engineers to assist Radix customers to reach higher levels of value creation much faster.

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