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The transportation sector is the center of attention in Brazil due to the major events occurring in recent years (World Cup and Olympics) and due to being the basis of urban infrastructure, directly affecting the day-to-day lives of millions of people. In addition, the modernization and improvement of transportation routes are the basis for the production output of various industries and the consequent economic development of the country.

In the search for greater efficiency in its operators, the sector is experiencing transformations and updates to become more sustainable, profitable and, primarily, to increase the quality of its services.

Main Challenges:

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Reduce Operational Costs

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Improve the transportation user's Experience

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Increase operational Efficiency

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Increase Revenue through user interface tools

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

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Within these modernization lines, industrial automation resources, specialized management and operation systems and concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Solutions become major allies.

Radix operates as a technology partner for various companies in the road, rail, subway and airport sectors, offering customized solutions to service its different clients:

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User interface

Development of customized solutions that expand the user interface, improving the user experience;

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Energy/Operational Efficiency

Development, support and operation of electronic ticketing systems;

Ic datasecurity

Cyber Security

Development of mobile applications to facilitate operations as well as provide a better transportation user experience, taking into account concepts such as IoT, Cyber Security and Cloud Solutions;

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Development of oversight systems to increase the availability of operational sites, facilitate operations and, consequently, reduce maintenance costs;

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of Things

Development of energy management systems to increase the efficiency of operational sites and support the definition of strategies for this increase;

Ic cloud computing

Monitoring and Transmission

and Storage of data

Development of Business Intelligence (BI) systems to support executives in the definition of the best strategies for the evolution of their businesses.

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