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The Brazilian paper and pulp industry is one of the global leaders in technology production and development, due to the soil, genetics and the suitable insolation index for forest production and growth. It is one of the fastest growing industrial segments in Brazil in sales, turnover and production. Almost all companies in the sector have invested in new plants, expansion of existing plant, new planting areas, electric bio-generation (thermoelectric generators which use biomass) and also in technology, primarily those that contribute to the development of the Smart Forest concept, similar to the Smart Farm concept in agriculture.

An important characteristic of the Paper and Pulp segment is comprised by industrial and forestry areas with their own characteristics, challenges and responsibilities.

In the forestry area, including silviculture, harvesting and transportation, Radix offers services for integration of data generated by mobile equipment (multi-brands), which organizes them in oversight or production management systems, enabling more agile decision-making and thus contributing to increases in productivity, reduction of stoppage times, reduction of emergency maintenance and predictive maintenance, among others.

Radix offers services for PDAIT (Executive Plan for Automation, Information and Technology), Smart Forest (Operational Intelligence System), Systems Integration, Automation Engineering/IT/Telecom, observing the new concepts of IOT, Big Data and Analytics.

In the industrial area, Radix operates with practically its entire portfolio of services, offering services in engineering, automation and software development.

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  • Radix software development solutions: functional specifications, definition of software and hardware architecture, development, testing, implementation, assisted operation, maintenance

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  • Radix solutions at all levels of the automation pyramid: instruments, actuators, control meshes, CLPs, DCSs, oversight systems, PIMS, MES, LIMS, specialized systems and ERP systems.

  • Key activities: auditing and tuning of control meshes, advanced controls, neural networks and soft sensors. Development and implementation of designs: MES (Manufacturing Execution System), LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and PIMs (Process Information Management System), Alarm Management, PDAIT (Executive Plan for Automation, Information and Technology), IOT Projects, Big Data and Analytics (Industry 4.0).

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  • Conceptual, basic and detailed designs, including VIP (Value Improving Practices) for new plants and expansions, modifications of plants in operation. Designs for technology companies, ECPs and also paper producers. Experience in FEL methodology and management of engineering projects.

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Radix also uses its experience in other industrial sectors to bring innovations to the paper and pulp industry. Energy efficiency is another challenge that is gaining force in the industry, due to the need to reduce costs, due to sustainability policies and due to environmental concerns, both for utilities as well as fuel and electricity consumption. The paper and pulp industry, for example, is highly concerned with reusing water and reducing steam and cogeneration consumption through the use of biomass. To this end, Radix executes projects for:

  • Optimization of energy consumption

  • Reduction of water and utilities consumption

  • Reduction of production costs

  • Increase in productivity and improvement in sustainability

  • Operational improvements

  • Elimination of departmental barriers

  • Engineering projects for new thermoelectric generators

  • Optimization of thermoelectric generators in operation

Radix is able to service all phases of the production chain in this industry, identifying opportunities for improvement and making them possible, from raw materials to all processes involved to the distribution of the end product: paper, pulp or power.

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