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Mining is one of the country’s main economic activities. It is a strategic sector for the labor employed, for being a major source of income for the country and for balancing the growth indices to a rather significant degree.

Mining companies are experiencing a realignment of the sector, with the need for a sustainable reduction of costs, increase in productivity and return for shareholders, in addition to the adoption of new forms of innovation.

Radix considers technology innovation a strong tool for competitiveness, innovation and improvements in the production process of this sector. This is possible primarily when we combine technology with assertive management practices. Thus, the company is developing innovation and technology projects for mining companies, which are always aimed at improving the specific and unique production and management process of these companies.

Among the projects executed for the mining sector, Radix is known for promoting the optimization of processes, costs and performance. The company presents success cases in various projects implementing PIMS, MES and LIMS systems, in addition to customized systems on plant availability information in real time. And as a follow-up to the implemented systems, Radix also offers continual improvement services and corrective and evolving maintenance for the systems developed.

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In mining, energy and operational efficiency are also gaining force and Radix is ready to provide the most suitable and customized solution for its clients, from automated monitoring of energy consumption in plants to cross-sectional availability information on consumption and production in customized operational intelligence systems.

Cyber risks have shown significant growth in the mining sector. Radix has experience in the use of analytics tools to process data generated by Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems so that its clients’ information security teams dedicate time and resources to two very important fronts: improvement of controls and definition of new security controls.

Engineering and logistics are also critical factors in this industry and growing challenges are emerging for companies to meet the demand without losing the quality of their products. Radix also offers consulting, technology and outsourcing services for the sector, developing solutions with a focus on the client and on its industrial sector, in addition to innovative and highly customized solutions for each client.

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Energy and Operational Efficiency

Automated Monitoring of Energyconsumption.

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Concern with Cyber Risks

Analytics tools for improvement and definition of Security Controls.

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Engineering andLogistics

Serviços de Consulting, technology and outsourcing services for the sector. Client-focused solutions.

Radix’s task is to identify opportunities for improvement in its clients’ industries and make them possible and viable, from automation of equipment with telemetric technologies to the development of complete data mining and analytics solutions in the cloud.

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