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The Industrial Automation and IT group at Radix develops solutions, with market products or specific developments, both for management as well as optimization of industrial plants, including:

- Executive information and automation plans.

- Design and configuration of control systems.

- Optimization of control systems: alarm management.

- Tuning of control meshes, advanced process control.

- Reconciliation of processed data for plant balance sheets.

- Management systems for production information (PIMS), manufacturing (MES), laboratories (LIMS) and advanced planning and scheduling (APS).

- Specialized Operational Intelligence systems.

This entire structure of systems allows for automating and optimizing production, in addition to providing real time data on the performance of industrial units to different corporate hierarchies (from the president to an operator).

The process and business combined with customized systems developed for each client distinguish Radix as a true provider of vertical solutions.

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