Radix Talk+ #5: Learn more about this experience

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Last week, we had the first edition of Radix’ Talk+ #5 and the first hosted by Radix US. The webinar discussed The Importance of Leadership in a Rapidly Changing World in a live streamed, panel discussion format.

Talk #5 covered three different aspects of Leadership. Rich Frogge, Radix’ Digital Transformation Evangelist and Radix US President, addressed the current economic and cultural upheaval, and how uncertain times call for extraordinary leadership. Organizational Behavioral change is paramount and empowering the organization with actionable intelligence is vital. Leadership must articulate a clear vision, road map and energize organizational buy-in whereby employees internalize Digital Transformation which then drives work force productivity. 

Radix US’ Senior VP John De Koning shared his perspective as a project and program leader of multiple projects in the Oil & Gas and chemicals industries.  John discussed how keen business, commercial, financial, and technology acumen are keys to success, and how Digital Transformation can ensure stakeholders receive maximum return on investment.  

Finally, Allen Forte, from People Programs, brought his perspective, addressing the human element of leadership on a personal and professional level.  What it means to be a leader of people, and how do you use change as a positive ‘disruptor’ of your business to motivate yourself, your teams, and fuel future growth.

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