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New Project Modernizes Real-Time Operating Processes in Brazilian SIN

The system is integrated with various power agency applications.

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Radix is working in a project to enhance operational real time processes with ONS (Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico).

ONS is an Independent System Operator (ISO) that currently operates and coordinates with the Brazilian Electrical System, known as the SIN (National Integrated System). ONS’s operation is divided into four regional centers and has the largest PI System in Latin America, responsible for collecting generation and transmission data from companies that constitute the power grid. Data collected is then available through several PI System applications and reports.

One of the main challenges faced by ONS was to improve the monitoring of the telecommunication circuits; they need to guarantee that they are receiving all information needed from the generation and transmission agents.

The goal of the project was to reduce the number of interfaces and control center operators' efforts performing repetitive services to record occurrences and improve the quality of records and monitoring reports. 

All events of the Brazilian electricity system are now recorded by the new Daily Operation Report (RDO), which receives occurrences for analysis and handling in real time by “Real -Time Engineers and Operators”, ensuring greater reliability and quality of records. This flow is done using the PI System, which captures and centralizes event-based and real-time time series data created by OSIsoft through the PI Asset Framework component.

In addition to complement and monitor occurrences, the tool enables the registration of actions to set the occurrences up, the consolidation of the scheduled of the energy day generation and reports with detailed information on daily occurrences. “Our successful challenge was to increase the staff productivity by bringing more security and accuracy to records to assist ONS in decision making and centralizing records into a single 24-hour system a day, seven days a week uninterruptedly”, Priscila Ribeiro said.

This project has been presented in conferences in Brazil and abroad during the OSIsoft Conference. The project still being developed by Radix and continues to work on enhancing maintenance to further increase the Real Time team experience and mitigate potential impacts on the Post Operation team processes.