Radix Brazil hosts Global Al Night - a Microsoft Event

An event to discuss Artificial Intelligence

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Over 60 people interested in discussing and implementing Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft Azure platform joined the Global Al Nights at Radix last September 5th.

First, Rafael Cruz, a .NET developer with over 18 years of experience and founder of CODERS community in Rio de Janeiro, presented on the subject “Object Detection with ML.NET”. He explained what ML.NET is and how it can be used to quickly and easily identify and detect objects. In addition, he emphasized the importance of testing models designed to more accurately identify them.

 “The ML.NET makes machine learning accessible for .NET developers due to the framework of machine learning with open code.  ML.NET enables developers to develop and train their own models using .NET, thus delivering high-quality production”. – explain Cruz.

Radix, Data Science Manager, also presented during the event on “Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance & Deployment with Azure Machine Learning Service”. Tome discussed modeling techniques and demonstrated the model’s deployment using Azure Machine Learning Service. 

One of the pillars of Industry 4.0 is the usage of machine learning for predictive maintenance, which consists of creating models that enable the anticipation of failures in industrial equipment.