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Radix and Microsoft Promote Event about Innovation an Industry 4.0

The “IoT + Cloud” event opened doors for new business opportunities in Construction, Transportation, and Manufacturing.

Radix microsoft "IoT + Cloud" event.

On November 6, Radix and Microsoft promoted an event called “IoT + Cloud”. Specialists from Radix, Sotreq, and Microsoft spoke about innovation, digital transformation, and industry 4.0. The event took place at Microsoft Technology Center in São Paulo, Brazil, and gathered companies in the construction, transportation, and manufacturing industries.

Radix Senior Consultant, Lincoln Bastos, presented at the event. “Digital transformation trends driving Industry 4.0 aggregate great value for the business by maximizing efficiency, productivity, and revenues”, said Bastos.

Alexandre Gonçalves, Microsoft Advanced Analytics & IoT – LATAM Global Black Belt expert, lectured about “Digital Transformation – Microsoft’s Vision for the Future of Business” and “IoT & Industry 4.0”. He explained how Microsoft sees the potential new technologies have in businesses.

Later in the event, Wagner Emerick, Sotreq Product Director, presented on “SotreqLink Case”. He explained how Industry 4.0 concepts such as IoT, Cloud, Analytics, and Machine Learning were implemented and applied to practice. This technological solution developed by Radix, currently supports over 30 thousand equipment spread all over Brazil. The solution has helped Sotreq to increase its’ revenues in addition to creating a better experience for clients.     

The event concluded with a presentation led by Radix Senior Consultant, Lincoln Bastos, about "IoT + Cloud: Technological Innovations in the Sector". Bastos spoke about IoT and Cloud, the correlation between them, and cited examples of when they were successfully applied in the most different business segments.

Radix’s Corporate Sales Director, Flávio Waltz, says, “It was a very interesting event. Executives from a variety of large companies were present. The attendees seemed very interested in prospecting business with Radix. Great opportunities have arisen, and soon we’ll be promoting another similar event.”  

Microsoft is Radix’s technology partner. The two companies believe they can work together molding technologies associated with Industry 4.0 into powerful business solutions and therefore, successfully meet the specific requirements needs of each and every client.