Summer Interns Return to School

After a summer of working and growing together, Radix sends off its’ engineering interns back to school

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Recently Radix had to say goodbye to its summer interns Josiah Davidson and Jennifer Jones. Josiah is a Chemical Engineering student at Georgia Tech, and Jennifer is a Petroleum Engineering student at UT Austin.

The Radix internship program gives students a hands-on approach to apply their knowledge and acquire real world career experiences. This summer, the interns had responsibilities ranging from creating Asset Framework structures, designing and configuring PI Vision Dashboards, PI tag mapping from Process Book pages, creating KPI (Key Performance Indicator) presentations to participating in client meetings while sharpening their soft skills as well.

“They each were assigned to a team, trained to work in the OSISoft PI environment and then given responsibilities by individual team leaders. Josiah and Jennifer were a great add on to our team during their college summer break. We are grateful for these two talented students and wish them all the best as they return to school”, says Clevin Cevallos - Radix Application Engineer who worked in the same project as Jennifer.

Here is what the summer interns had to say about their experience at Radix:

“Radix US is an extremely welcoming environment that promoted and encouraged the pursuit of knowledge and creativity. Additionally, I was extremely impressed by how welcoming everyone in the office was. In a sense, I was able to develop a second family in Houston.” – Josiah Davidson

“I was fully integrated as part of the team. I had a very enjoyable time in the close-knit work environment at Radix. We ate lunch together every day and were all very involved in one another’s lives. The atmosphere was lively and friendly every day.” – Jennifer Jones

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