Radix placed 10th place on “Best Companies to Work for in Brazil”

Ranking of the Top 150 firms was divided in the following categories: 80 Major Companies, 35 Midsize Brazilian Companies and 35 Midsize Multinational Companies.


This year Radix ranked 10th on “Best Companies to Work for” in the Midsize Brazilian category. The ceremony took place last Monday (08/13) at the Espaço das Américas venue in São Paulo. The Top 150 firms were categorized between 80 major companies, 35 Midsize Brazilian Companies, and 35 Midsize Multinational Companies.

João Zaiden, Project Manager, and Thiago Bacic, Project Coordinator, represented Radix during the ceremony. Zaiden says this achievement is very significant. "This achievement is of great importance to us. Being among this unique selection of companies is splendid. As we are a business primarily made of people, it’s crucial for us to rank high in this type of excellence awards. Although it was a difficult year, we believe in a bright future. Next year we are aiming to rank first place and we’ll continue to work hard to accomplish this goal", said Zaiden.

Radix has always landed top 10 in the “Best Companies to Work for” category. This year, the company came in 4th position in the “Best Companies to Work for in Rio de Janeiro”. João Chachamovitz, Radix CEO, emphasizes that Radix was founded under the premises of being a great company to work for. "To be among the best companies to work for in Brazil is very meaningful. We are expanding both nationally and abroad by boosting our digital projects and putting our contributors’ needs first", finalized the CEO.

The survey for “Best Companies to Work For” is promoted by Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW) in collaboration of the prestigious business magazine Época. Over 2 thousand companies participated in the survey that aims to measure the level of employee’s trust in five categories: credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and fellowship. In the research, they also assess employees’ overview of their work environment and work culture.

João Zaiden receiving the award from GPTW/Marketing