Radix speaks at Next Wave Roundtable at OTC

Radix US CEO, Flávio Guimarães, and Upstream Manager, Natália Klafke speak at the Young Professional Event

Radix at next wave

In 2018, the Offshore Technology conference (OTC) celebrated its 50th edition. This year, the conference focused on the industry evolution over the past 50 years and discussed how technologies and processes brought various benefits to the oil and gas industry. With that in mind, OTC also looked forward to the next 50 years and what emerging technologies are set to reshape businesses’ models.

OTC hosted an event aimed at gathering experienced and young professionals to discuss how companies position themselves with the technology horizon to meet customer’s challenges.

Radix US CEO, Flávio Guimarães, and Upstream Manager, Natália Klafke conducted sessions about machine learning and predictive maintenance, respectively. “It was a good opportunity to share experiences with young professionals that are eager to have a better understanding how the new technology fit into the world today,” said Guimarães.

Guimarães and Klafke had the chance to share experiences from a technical, business, and social perspective. “It was a great pleasure to share information regarding predictive maintenance. The event gathered together both young and experienced professionals and it was very interesting to exchange different perspectives regarding the technology approach for maintenance challenges,” explained Klafke.

The event took place on May 2nd in Houston, Texas in the NRG Park.