Radix interns to help implement an operational intelligence solution for University of Massachusetts

Spring 2018 interns Bryan Chua and Igor Kheyfets at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Central Heating Plant

Radix is excited to have our Spring 2018 interns join the team. Igor Kheyfets and Bryan Chua are working at Amherst along with Radix personnel at the University of Massachusetts Central Heating Plant (CHP). The interns are working on generating dashboards to help plant operators and engineers remotely monitor key performance indicators. The project aims for a real-time power generation management with the goal of decreasing costs and facilitating management.

Bryan Chua, a chemical engineering student, mentions that the work executed as a Radix intern has already been a great experience to put into practice what he has been learning in the classroom, “working with Radix and doing PI Vision data visualization helps us into the real-world application of helping the Central heating Plant generate steam and electricity more efficiently and make better decision-making choices to contribute to the safety and reliability of the plant and save money for the University of Massachusetts Amherst,” said Chua.

Igor Kheyfets, also a chemical engineering student talks about how the internship has given him the ability to further explore topics he is interested in, “I’m grateful to be a part of this fantastic project as it helps satisfy my ever-growing interest in controls and automation engineering as well as data processing and visualization. I believe we can make UMass Amherst Central Heating Plant more efficient and reliable while gaining unique experience and valuable set of skills,” finalized Kheyfets.