Radix meets hundreds of students from three universities

The company visited Texas A&M, University of Houston, and Georgia Tech

Radix at univeristies' career fairs

This month, Radix participated in three career fairs throughout the country. Over the past couple of years, Radix has been partnering with universities in the United States to recruit talented students for the North American office. This time the company visited Texas A&M, University of Houston, and Georgia Tech to meet hundreds of up and coming engineering students who are eager to start exploring the work in the industry.

The students had the opportunity to interact with Radix team and share their experiences and hopes for their future careers. The students also had the chance to hear about some of Radix’s latest executed projects and learn about opportunities for a summer 2018 internship.

 “It was a real pleasure to talk to the students and hear about their experiences and interest. We are happy to see their excitement about the future in the industry”, shared Justin V. Conroy, Technical Manager.

The career fairs took place as follows:

Texas A&M (September 7th).

University of Houston (September 14th).

Georgia Tech (September 20th).