Radix participates at the Billington International Cybersecurity Summit

Billington cybersecurity

Radix US President, Rich Frogge, represented the company last week at the 2nd Annual Billington International Cybersecurity Summit. The conference brought together 300 key figures in cybersecurity from the United States and allied nations to provide them an opportunity to network and exchange knowledge. Featured speakers included leaders from organizations such as the Israeli National Cyber Security Authority, the U.S. Army Cyber Command, and the N.S.A.

Billington Cybersecurity is an independent media company whose expertise lies in helping cybersecurity experts strengthen the resilience of digital infrastructure within the public and private sectors. The connections made through Billington events help to enhance and distribute best practices as well generate innovative solutions for defending against cyberthreats.

The Summit was held in Washington D.C. on Thursday, March 30th.